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Our Mission

The mission of the Office of the Inspector General is to boost public confidence in city government by rooting out corruption, fraud, misconduct, waste and mismanagement.

A watchdog for city taxpayers, the OIG has authority under the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to conduct investigations and audits of all departments, agencies, commissions and boards under the Mayor’s jurisdiction.

The office also investigates individuals or companies doing business with the city or receiving city funding. Its investigative expertise is available to any city agency in need of assistance.

As an operationally independent office, shielded from governmental influence, the OIG conducts both criminal and administrative investigations. It has the power to issue subpoenas, to examine all city documents, contracts and monetary expenditures made from the city treasury, and to demand testimony from city employees.

The office works with federal, state and local law enforcement when conducting criminal investigations and serious integrity-related complaints of fraud, abuse and corruption.

The office conducts these investigations either in response to a city employee or other resident, or on the Inspector General’s own initiative to detect misconduct, inefficiency and waste within the programs and operations of city government.

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